Patina | Redmoon Pailot River Long Wallet

March 28, 2017

Side by side - the power of patina prevails.
The wallet on the left is brand new Redmoon Pailot River Long Wallet in Natural leather. The wallet on the right has been used steadily for three months, and the results start at the hue. As you can tell, the wallet on the right features a significantly darker hue, due in part to the natural aging process with steady use. Indigo nerds that we are, the real fun comes when the indigo from constant pocket use begins to appear on the edges of the wallet.
Got the hometown repping with Kobe's landmark Kobe Tower captured in the background of this shot.
Redmoon's iconic Native Silver coin button
Let every stitch speak for itself - this is where the biggest difference is between Redmoon and the rest.
Paired here with a pair JB0306's, which have also started to take on a life of its own!

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