Well Worn Pair | /r/rawdenim user judgeholden72's XX-011

November 07, 2019

People always question the potential of the XX-011's Left Hand Twill denim by PBJ, maybe because the XX-013 fabric is so damn slubbed out!
This post is to help alleviate any doubt about one of our favorite pairs from the entire PBJ lineup!
Probably some of the most underrated patina is the wear on the pocket edges, made possible by those hidden rivets!
Iro-otchi (Japanese for color fall, a term typically used amonst Japanese denimheads to refer to fading) leaves its mark on the button fly of the -11's.
Raised belt loops is another subtle and grossly underrated feature of all PBJ jeans.
See the whole album by judgeholden72 here as well as a plethora of other well faded pairs here!

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