Shibuya Streets #01

March 23, 2016

Keeping it classic. Keeping it clean. Well, mind the trash...we're talking about the outfit.
Allow us to introduce our latest feature. We live, work and play in Tokyo. It is simple, we eat and breathe this city, so this latest ongoing feature will highlight our love for our two passions - Selvedge and Tokyo.
Ryo is rocking the Summer Tee we really believe in this season, the Loop & Weft Egyptian Cotton Henley
The Fullcount Selvedge Denim Baseball cap speaks heaps with the tiny details
There are great pairs, and there are amazing pairs - timeless classics. The XX-012 by PBJ is a timeless classic, without a doubt. And of course a great pair must be worn with a clean pair of kicks, goes without saying.
Going for a little stacking next to those cuffs, the XX-012 sitting pretty outside our showroom
Scoping the Yamanote line from our hood. If you've been to Tokyo, you know the "Green" line will essentially take you anywhere
We're waiting for our delivery on these caps, should be later these week - these look so good!
Another look at that L&W Henley, cut from Egyptian Giza cotton
Flat seam shoulder construction on the Henley

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