Meet the Team

Mehervan Sethi
Background: Born & raised in the port city of Kobe, Japan, I am a classic case of a Third Culture Kid.  After attending university in Boston, MA & and a short stint working in New York, NY, I moved back to Japan in 2009 and have been living here since.
Duration with OD: Ten years this summer, with the planning and development of the site which began in August, 2011.
Hobbies: Snowboarding, traveling & studying history.
Favorite thing about working at OD: I get to see, feel and play with fabrics and meticulously made garments, and I am truly honored and blessed to be in this position. Putting passion at the forefront of everything we do helps to maintain a nice working environment within our team and makes me realize the importance of my work family. 
Favorite thing about Japan: The geography and climate of Japan allows for four independent and unique seasons. With an unwavering dedication to the regard for nature, there is an inherent respect and admiration for each of the four seasons of the year. This yields unique cuisine, art and craft to be born from each of these seasons, an aspect about Japan and Japanese culture that I continue to admire and learn from with every passing season and year.
Favorite OD+ piece: This is the hardest question to answer on the list. OD as an entity is like my first child, and each and every piece, particularly these OD+ collabs, carry a ton of importance and speak to my memories of the past 10 years on the OD journey. These collaborations represent where we are as a company, as individuals, and the influences that led to the design and execution of each piece.  With that said, the pair that gets the most love in my rotation are the OD+SDA Matcha's. For my personal style, it has just the right pop of colored weft and is equal parts playful & elegant. I go with the "Tokyo" cuff during the summers, rock a short single cuff on boots during the winter months, and these jeans suit me through all of Japan's seasons. And the concept of Matcha jeans?  Well, we weren't even sure it was possible when we first thought it up in 2018, so it is a particularly proud moment every time I throw these on.
Ryo Kinugasa
Background: Born in Tokyo, raised in London, I moved back to Japan to settle down in Tokyo in 2014
Duration with OD:  5½ Years
Hobbies: Skateboarding, Gaming, Thrifting
Favorite thing about working at OD:  Everyday is a new challenge. No two days are the same and I enjoy being able to take on a diverse range of tasks; whether it be photographing new products, communicating with our clients, assisting with preparing the day’s shipments and so much more. Working as part of a small team also means we make decisions together and it is this flexibility that I think has been very powerful in our development over the years. Being able to live and work in central Tokyo is also a blessing as I am exposed to the sheer dynamism of Japanese culture. Part of our ethos at OD is to not only curate great product but to also share what is great about Japan in general to our global community and thus our location has been a continual source for inspiration towards our growth. 
Favorite thing about Japan: It's a treasure trove for travel. There's not many places on this planet where you can hop on a plane one way and be on a subtropical island then shoot up to the north and be bombing it down the slopes on some skis, all without leaving the country. I feel like even a lifetime is not enough to experience everything Japan has to offer so I treasure each location I get the opportunity to visit.
Favorite OD+ piece: ODJB002 18oz. “Sapphire Slub” Type 2 Selvedge Denim Jacket - Got this on the second drop back in 2017 and to this day it is my go-to denim jacket. I remember starting off how I would have sore arms at the end of a long day wearing it outdoors given the beefy 18oz. fabric. It’s really softened up now and I appreciate seeing the more subtle fades that have come through. The unique color of the weft is truly stand-out and as we have done numerous runs of the jacket (along with the jeans and hat) I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone’s progress of their own Sapphire Slub garments over the years. As for my own jacket, I feel like I’ve only just begun the journey and this one is definitely going to be with me for the long run!
Oxana Dimova
Background: Born in Moldava, moved to Portugal at 11 and then to Japan after a one year university exchange program back in 2017.
Duration with OD: Almost 3 and a half years
Hobbies: Baking, watching comedies, exploring nature.
Favorite things about working at OD: Most of all, I love the camaraderie and friendship that we all share but also the personal connection that I get with the clients through packaging. There is something beautiful about picking and manually checking the products and preparing them for their journey from Japan to their new owner. It's a great feeling to know that our customers are happy when they receive their package!
Favorite thing about Japan: The food! My favorite is Inari sushi! Made with deep-fried tofu and marinated in soy sauce and mirin and it's super delicious. It also got me through many dinners at kaiten-zushi as a vegetarian in Japan. 
Favorite OD+ piece: There are a lot of great pieces that we released over the years but for me, the OD+MJ Floral Indigo Jacquard S/S Shirt is one of my favorites. It's a great summer piece to have not only because of the floral pattern that is season-appropriate but also because the fabric is quite soft even though it holds a good thickness. The wooden buttons are a lovely touch and the red stitching gives it a nice pop. Since it has a slightly tailored shape it hugs your body nicely, which is also why I believe it is a great piece for women. I love wearing mine as a "jacket" with a sleeveless top, paired with either black leggings or some baggy jeans!
Nathan Spoor

Background: Born in Dallas, TX currently in Los Angeles, CA.
Duration with OD: May 2017 - present
Hobbies: Painting, Drawing, Learning, keeping the blade of Curiosity sharp.
Favorite thing about working at OD: If I had to choose just one thing, it's the camaraderie that I've found with Merv. Through that friendship I've learned much about our shared selvedge denim passions and expanded that into the larger fashion playground. This has introduced me to the OD team and the truly dedicated and equally genuine souls that have formed that family. Maybe that's the favorite thing, the feeling of belonging. Family. The pursuit of a larger purpose through an elevated sense of togetherness.
Favorite thing about Japan: For one the aspects of craft that seems to be particularly specific to the culture. Also the magic of USHIO Chocolatl.

Favorite OD+ Piece: My favorite overall OD+ collab piece is also kind of my origin story with OD. So it's an OD++ for me! That definitely has to be the ODPBJ001. I wear these frequently still and they're just such a special combination of memories and materials. The process of seeing these come to life was just one of the most incredible experiences, working on the artwork for the pockets and patches with Merv and talking about the little details and how unique the denim was - an 18oz warp with an 14oz weft AND a special tonal leaf? I'm in heaven my friends! And the fit was so on point, especially for being the earlier days of the relaxed tapered fit. Every time I wear these I can feel the magic. It's always there in the PBJ jeans but this one is a uniquely different level.

Caricature art by Chamame Wakako