JB0626 | When 18oz. Selvedge met the Mud Weft

May 12, 2016

18oz. Selvedge ✔️
Slubby as F--- ✔️
Hairy as hell ✔️
High Tapered Fit so your balls can breathe ✔️
Sanforized to avoid shrinkage fears ✔️
Made in Japan ✔️

The JB0626 is a heavyweight slubby elder brother to the previously seen "Monster" Fabric of the JB0412-ML

How these guys managed to get a fabric with so much damn character with the slub and hair, we don't know, but we're not complaining

Micro shot of this epic Mud weft 18oz. Selvedge, with the construction threading to match

Available online today ($165)

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