The Indigo Patchwork Teddy Bear by Japan Blue is insane!

January 09, 2015

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - so you can imagine how much we adore these impeccably crafted Indigo Patchwork Teddy Bears. Passionately crafted by hand, the fabric combined on each teddy bear is completely unique, and no two pieces have the same patchwork combination. 

Standing about 28cm (or 11inches) tall, each teddy bear has 360-degree rotating limbs, so you can make your teddy pose as you please. 

These pieces bring nostalgia for any fan that has followed the brand over time - the fabrics are a combination of textiles from the past several seasons.

Due to handmade and unique nature of each piece, we are unable to take requests for a particular pattern. These are available now for $85.

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