Introducing Big John Jeans

January 20, 2015

The original Japanese Denim brand. The first Japanese garment manufacturer to produce a 100% Made in Japan product for the local market back in 1973. Big John continues to innovate and deliver premium quality Japanese Selvedge denim with adapted silhouettes for the modern man.

Introducing two lines, we have the Ransei (Japanese for "Masters of Indigo") line consisting of the RARE Slim jeans and the RARE Jacket, which has been crafted with diligence at each step of the production process (yarn spinning, indigo dyeing, loom weaving, jeans sewing) by skilled craftsmen in Kojima. 

Reinforced indigo dyed leather slipped between the Male/Female Rivets are some of the profound details we love about the Ransei RARE line.

The Big John standard is their Faux Slub fabric, particularly because not many makers out there make a fabric like this. It is meant to lend to a modern aesthetic with its pristine finish, but yield fades with intense contrast. This is made possible by the rope dyeing process of the cotton yarns, which leave the core of each yarn uneven.

A great entry level pair, as well as for well bled indigo heads who are looking for something easy to break in and wear. This fabric is available in two cuts of jeans, Slim Straight and Slim Tapered, and a Selvedge Denim Jacket

The Slim Tapered is seen in a couple other new pieces we just launched, like the Black KURO2 fabric which is a 12oz. Black Selvedge denim, a combination Warp/Weft Black Sulphur dyed Selvedge denim.

The novelty of this fabric doesn't stop there - the cotton warp yarn is first dyed in indigo, before being overdyed in black to allow for hues of indigo blue to appear through the fading process. This same fabric makes an appearance on the Black Selvedge Denim Jacket.

Additionally, we have the Slim Tapered Chino pants, which is a 95% Cotton/5% PU bi-blended fabric, for that little bit of give and comfort.

Last, but surely not least, is the RURI Slim Tapered Selvedge denim that is based on the 14.5oz. U.S. Cone Mills fabric that was originally imported by the brand in 1967 for the first Selvedge denim jeans crafted by the company. Called RURI (Japanese for deep blue gem), the jeans hold particular importance to the brand as it replicates the fabric from their first ever, Made in Japan jeans. 

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