Visiting Anachronorm in Okayama

February 18, 2015

On a recent trip to Okayama, we stopped by to visit our friends at Okayama-based brand, Anachronorm. Brand Director, Shintaro Oto spent a few hours with us going through the shop looking at some of Ananchronorm's current collection.

Anachronorm member, Shintaro Oto

The Next Vintage for the Next Era 

 A variety of Jeans and pants from the Anachronorm camp

Some more jeans...

Some popular selling items

...and more denim

Besides the denim though, Anachronorm has a well developed collection including almost any essential produced for the modern man

The attention to detail is above and beyond with Ananchonorm, much like these baseball caps seen here with natural leather covered buttons replacing regular buttons and rivet points above the brim

Anachronorm stray into some meticulously crafted leather jackets as well

Washed to allow for easy wear from the first wear

All the right details, including peacoat-style rib pockets and a Waldes zipper finish

The store curation is quality

Anachronorm produce a wide range of sweaters, all produced in Japan

Unique pieces include a top and bottom sweatsuit styled as a suit jacket on top with denim liner

This vivid red corduroy fabric graces this vest - Made in Japan corduroy is a rare fabric in itself, because of the tedious production process

Some Wabash options were also sprinkled in

Down to the shoes, Anachronorm has you covered

Great reads like Rin Tanaka's, My Freedam, and Inventory magazine are also available

Anachronorm Founder and avid vintage enthusiast, Tomoki Tanushi, has no shortage of vintage and restored motorcycles in his collection


While Anachronorm is the name of the brand, Balance is the name of the umbrella company which operates the brand

One of the coolest things about the Anachronorm store is that you really need to be in the know to end up here - it is on an obsolete street near Okayama's train station

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