5 ways to cuff your jeans with boots

Jeans and boots, the timeless combination that is the go-to for how we Denimheads rock our favorite pieces of gear on the daily. Part of that identity and pride that we have is of course, down to how we rock our cuffs to show off that all-important Selvedge ID. We get asked all the time - "What is the best way to cuff my jeans?" and the honest answer is that there is no real "best" method. Simply put, rock em how you feel like - it's your canvas after all. That being said, here's a run down of some time-tested options to get you started.

1. Single Cuff

Classic. Clean. Simplicity is often the best way to make a statement. 
No need for a manual - simply take around 1 inch and give that bit of fabric a single fold to reer the Selvedge ID into the light. On top of that, this is the best way to show off those hard-earned roping fades.

2. Double Cuff

A continuation of the above - two folds up, standard cuff size for that quintessential badge of quality.

3. "Tokyo Turnup"

Here's how to get hit that sweet spot for a decently sized cuff while maximizing the foot real-estate for flexing your mirror-shine polished boots.
Start by taking and folding the denim about 1 fingers length. Simply fold that in on itself one more time to complete this reimagined take on the double cuff.

4. Stacks

OK, so this one is not a cuff obviously but there is good reason why some Denimheads take this route.
By letting the denim naturally stack, the creased areas will eventually fade with a lot more contrast. If you've seen those super honeycomb fades in the past, this is the best way to get them for your own pair.

5. Supacuff™

We're saving the best for last!
What we consider to be the ultimate Selvedge flex, the Supacuff™ (dubbed by our good friends Victor a.k.a Selvedge1 and Greg a.k.a Denimhound) is going to have those heads turning wherever you go. There's no limit to how far you should go with this, simply fold that leg as far as you can handle.