Loop & Weft: The best damn Knitwear crafted in Japan

November 14, 2015

We know. The title is a bold statement. But this relatively new brand have proven their dedication to raising the bar with obnoxiously great quality and ridiculously comfortable Tops for Men.
All fabrics that Loop & Weft use in production are entirely crafted from scratch as original textile, that is only for us by the brand in the construction of their apparel.
Several pieces from the Loop & Weft collection are cut and sewn from Loopwheel fabric.
The prefecture of Wakayama, Japan is famous for housing the two remaining factories still capable of construction Loopwheel fabric in Japan, one of which custom produces the fabric used in the manufacturing of Loop & Weft clothing.
Very conscious about the environmental impact of their craft, the Loop & Weft brand and particular about also using a lot of Organic Cotton (which also undergo natural dyeing processes)
Whether it be Chainstitch, Double Seam stitch or a Lockstitch, all Loop & Weft garments are crafted on vintage machinery.

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