Outfit of the Day in January

January 27, 2016

You'd expect some more layers, being that it is January and all. This year has just not gotten cold out here in Tokyo, so keeping it light and warm is the key to not sweating during the sunny daytime and chilly evenings. 
As a layer, nothing compares to the newly released Merino Lambswool Sweater by Loop & Weft. The wool is sourced from the Geelong region of Australia, renown for their supreme Lambswool supply. And this sweater exclusively shaves the wool from Lamb no elder than six months old, to ensure the warmest possible wool has been applied. You can read all about the construction and quality of this garment in another recent blog post
Another recent drop that has been in heavy rotation around our office is the Natural Indigo Selvedge Denim Jacket by Pure Blue Japan. With the denim tediously dyed in Tokushima, Japan and then brought back down to Okayama for meticulous construction in PBJ's factory, this is the first and only Natural Indigo Jacket we have decided to carry. 
Another piece we have been really loving lately is the Cobalt Blue weft Indigo Dyed Chinos by Momotaro. The subtle red Selvedge and blue weft make for a killer combination on this otherwise classic slim silhouette. We only have a couple sizes left now in this style, check it out here.
And of course, Anachronorm ties the outfit together for the final touch of cool. Both the eyewear and the cripsy Vulcanized kicks are from Anachronorm, one of the most underrated brands coming out of Okayama, in our humble opinion.
Fullcount also does their part in completing our outfit, with their simple and clean Indigo Dyed Watch Cap from the latest season. The other accessories are just things we love - like the White Mountaineering x Seiko Watch, the beaded Japanese jewelry from Aki, and our favorite Made in Japan socks purveyor Tabio. The keychain is none other than cult favorite, Hender Scheme, using their classic Natural Leather to create this insane three ply leather keychain.

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