Outfit of the Day in February

February 17, 2016

The outfit in February really revolves around two essential pieces. Let's start with what's keeping us warm through this frigid month - the Studio D'Artisan Wool/Horsehide Stadium Jacket. By far the warmest Stadium Jacket we have come across, with the double ply wool serving as the heat retainer on the torso. The other pivotal garment to this month's OOTD is our beloved ODMJ004, a shirt we spent entirely too much time on developing and bringing to market.
The tops are paired with one of our current favorites, the XX-014, the Purple Face by PBJ. You either love it or hate it - but let's just say this pair is not for the faint hearted.
Pure Blue Japan come through more than once this month, with the Indigo Dyed Knit Beanie (3 Gauge), a piece we are grateful that PBJ decided to bring back this season.
Tying our outfit together of course is none other than premium footwear purveyors, Viberg Boots. The best in the business (in our humble opinion), their Cordovan Work Boots are the only boots we really want to wear all winter. Pairing those boots up with our favorite Made in Japan Socks maker, Tabio, is a no-brainer. 
Accessories that bring it all together this month are the Fingerless gloves by Polo Ralph Lauren, Wallet by Tanner Goods, Leather Pressed Keychain by Hender Scheme, and the Made in Japan glass beaded necklace by Aki.

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