New Wabash Shirts by Momotaro

April 15, 2013

Indigo Discharge Dyeing (or Wabash in Japanese) refers to the process of creating patterns and prints on a fabric base that is dyed in Indigo. The phrase discharge dyeing is almost an oxymoron, because the process by which a Wabash print is created is actually not dyeing but removing parts of the already dyed indigo fabric to create a pattern or print. The base indigo dyed fabric goes through an oxidation process to remove parts of the dye in the form of a pattern. In the case of these shirts we recently got in by Momotaro, the shirts have been discharge dyed to create the polka dot print and the dotted striped line print respectively.

The Wabash Dot Shirt by Momotaro has a classic, dress formal silhouette with large plastic buttons, chainstitch run off and a special 2+1 Chainstitched construction method throughout the shirt for durability. The fit has been adjusted to cut just below the belt in the front, but features a long back length for that classic dress shirt feel.

The Momotaro Wabash Jail Stripe Shirt is another great example of Wabash fabric put to good use. To begin, it is called the Jail Stripe shirt because it pays homage to the original Jail shirts that inmates would wear in the United States. The most obvious sign of its link to the prison system are the large chest pockets which were apparently made with the horizontal opening to make it hard to hide anything.

Large brass buttons grace the shirt

Triple needle Chainstitch construction throughout

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January 04, 2024

What can I buy this shirt? Cost in dollars?

Niran Benuroh
Niran Benuroh

June 14, 2022

I want to buy and study the product.

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