An OD+FM Collaboration | Our first Collab with Factory Made!

April 22, 2021

We've made indigo hats with denim manufacturers in the past. Collaborating on an Indigo hat with a hat manufacturer has helped us to elevate our headwear game.
Back in January, we added The Factory Made into the OD brand roster. Hailing from Osaka and founded in 2017, The Factory Made have established themselves as a powerhouse for producing comprehensive hat styles using unique fabrics and meticulous construction, while combining both modern and traditional elements into each design.
Realizing the full potential of the construction capability that Factory Made brought to the table, we jumped on the opportunity to produce a 6-panel baseball cap using an Asagi indigo Sashiko fabric from their in-house fabric collection, a material sourced from Okayama.
Featuring a Sashiko weave unlike anything we have seen before, this unique fabric hits the perfect hue of light Indigo we were looking for as the foundation for our inaugural collaboration with TFM.
Moving over to the back of the hat, we opted for an adjustable cowhide leather strap featuring brass hardware.
Another welcome addition, the burgundy red piping is a signature OD touch that we incorporate into our collaboration projects. The red also pays homage to the Japanese etymology of both the fabric & construction, as a way to represent the Japanese flag.
One addition we knew knew was necessary is the TFM's 日本謹製 (Nihon Kinsei) "Humbly made in Japan" rayon tag. The message truly resonates with us and it is this ethos that has continued to drive us to showcase the best of what this country has to offer in the form of garments - head-to-toe.
The OD+FM Indigo Sashiko 6-Panel Baseball Cap drops on 4/23 @ Midnight (JST)

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