An OD+LW Collaboration | The Indigo Dyed Heather Slub Fleece Military Sweatpants

Fresh off the factory floor comes our 9th collaboration with Loop & Weft, the purveyors of the "Best Knitwear" in Japan. Our purpose with this collaborative effort was to marry texture along with comfort, all while guaranteeing a deep hue of Indigo - a combination of factors that required us to perfect the equation. By combining meticulous construction with a proprietary garment dyed fabric, we were able to tick off all objectives for our comfort driven project.
  • The OD+LW Indigo Dyed Heather Slub Fleece Military Sweatpants - $260 USD

    Fleece terminology gets thrown around a lot, so what is Slub Fleece all about? Typically when it comes to fleece material used for sweat fabrics, the most common tends to be cotton or "cotton blended" fleece. In general you can expect these type of fabrics to have a smooth finish with a plush inner.
    Slub fleece is what gives sweat fabrics that boost to texture without compromise to comfort. To do this, two different size yarns are twisted to achieve that well needed slub factor. In this particular case, Loop & Weft apply a 30/10 fleece pile cotton material and by employing special spinning methods the production yields an inconsistent yet über soft hand feel.
  • The inlay of the fabric features a unique three-row jump pile fleece, mimicking the uneven loop arrangement often found on vintage fleece material. These specialized production methods used by Loop & Weft also guarantee durability. Along with minimal shrinkage, the impeccably constructed fabric of these sweatpants help to retain the silhouette over multiple wears and washes.
  • As is the case with all Loop & Weft garments, the construction is all conducted on vintage sewing machinery that is often time incredibly rare, even in Japan. A Union Special 4-needle flat seamer machine commands all the seam construction, a facet of vintage construction that allows for increased seam allowance, thus adding to the comfort element of this piece.
    Starting out as an ecru base fabric, each individual pair of sweatpants is tediously garment dyed by hand. This process ensures the dye penetrates through the surface of the yarn, yielding a rich hue of blue that will fade beautifully with wear.
  • Featuring ribbed cuffs constructed using a triple need lockstitch machine, the elevated construction guarantees temporary malleability while still maintaining the form over a long period of wear. The waistband also features thick drawstrings which will patina over time, given the inevitable indigo runoff over multiple wears and washes.
  • Paying homage to USN sweatpants style common amongst service during and after WWII, the fit has been updated from the vintage base to provide a more modern silhouette. The addition of the crotch gusset construction adds that ergonomic touch, while providing space for a roomy top block.

The Indigo Dyed Heather Slub Fleece Military Sweatpants drop on 2/22 @ Midnight (JST)