An OD+MJ Collaboration | The 15.7oz. "Frost" Futago Nep Selvedge Jacket


Celebrating our 10th Year Anniversary with over 20 collaborations has been an absolute blast, and we are ready to (almost) close it out with a bang, as there is one last surprise we got early next year. One of the most highly requested collaboration items from our "Frost" collection with the Peach Boys is back in all its Neppy glory. First released in early 2020, the Jacket project truly allowed us to get out of our comfort zone for our first outerwear project with Momotaro. Keeping the theme 100% Winterized, the proprietary 15.7oz. "Frost" Selvedge Denim fabric we developed from yarn packs a serious pop of nep and texture. Almost bursting at the seams with extra details, peep this serious outerwear package below!

The OD+MJ 15.7oz. "Frost" Futago Nep Selvedge Jacket ($375)

Breaking all the rules, we pay homage to several classic denim jacket types to create a silhouette original and unique to yours truly. Starting with a Type 2 base, corduroy lined hand warmer pockets match the corduroy collar, a feature we borrowed from a USN issued Peacoat. For the wool blanket lined feature, classic Storm Rider jackets usually featuring a striped color pattern, but we switched it out for a heavyweight shaggy check flannel lining to give the piece maximum warmth.
Becoming a signature OD+ addition to all our denim jacket collaborations, the Pink Selvedge cuffs complete the subtle detailing we love on any perfect piece.
You know how we're suckers for natural dyes and we knew that we wanted to incorporate this in some form for this project, while maintaining the integrity of the Nep fabric at the forefront. Taking cues from the Indigo and Kakishibu Jacquard Crest Shirts from the "Frost" collection, we opted to line the pocket flaps with the same fabrics featuring Momotaro's Peach Crest logo.
Steering away from the conventional, we placed the Peach Crest rayon tag featured just below the left chest pocket. We also wanted to throw in a bit of stealth into the mix, with the black leather patch featuring contrast stitching to give that subdued black color some pop. In tandem with the fabric, expect the black-coated buttons to patina just as beautifully. As the coating starts to wear away, the shiny iron core will begin to reveal itself to compliment those killer fades.

The OD+MJ 15.7oz. "Frost"  Futago Nep Selvedge Jacket drops on 12/21 @ Midnight (JST)