An OD+MJ Collaboration | The 15.7oz. "Momozome" Selvedge Jacket

Our latest collaboration Jacket with Momotaro celebrates a naturally derived dye, that is true to the DNA of the Peach Boys. Our journey, which started over a year ago, began with sampling a fabric containing a dye that was sourced from Peach Trees in Japan. Multiple sample stages allowed us to add our signature OD touches along the way, in order to put this never-before-seen fabric under the spotlight it deserves. Dropping on April 28th @ Midnight (JST), we are stoked to announce a limited production run of the 15.7oz. "Momozome" Selvedge Jacket.


The OD+MJ 15.7oz. "Momozome" Selvedge Jacket drops on 4/28 @ Midnight (JST)

EDIT: Please note that while our original release date for this Jacket was 4/27 @ Midnight (JST), we have decided to reschedule the release for 4/28 @ Midnight (JST)