An OD+SJ Collaboration | The 18oz. "Shinobi" Selvedge Jeans

After lurking in the shadows for close to a year, we are ready to unsheathe our seventh collaboration pair with Samurai...

The Shinobi (忍び)- Masters of espionage, subtlety and unconventional warfare proved a critical role in military campaigns during the Sengoku period in Japan. Often recruited from the lower-classes as mercenaries, the primary role of these covert agents often went against the grain of conventional warfare employed by Samurai at the time. Historical records report that Shinobi were used as spies, raiders, assassins, arsonists and more - with the ultimate goal of causing as much disruption without leaving a trace. Contrary to popular belief, the Shinobi's attire was not black for good reason - as the color would leave a very conspicuous outline of the warrior at night. In reality, Shonobi wore garments that were dyed a dark Indigo or Navy to better blend in with their surroundings.

Taking inspiration from the Shinobi, we worked alongside Samurai to forge our latest collaboration Jeans - packed to the brim with details that celebrate one of history's most iconic warrior groups.

The OD+SJ 18oz. "Shinobi" Selvedge Jeans drop on 3/17 @ Midnight (JST)