Black Friday 2017 Lucky Draw Winner Announcement

December 05, 2017

With hundreds of orders streaming in during our Black Friday deals this year, this was the part we were looking forward to the most! While it is great to hook you guys up with the best deals of the year, the most fun is when we get to hook TWO of you lucky gents up with a full 50,000 OD Indigo Points (that's US$500!) to use however you please at Okayama Denim.

It gives us great joy and excitement to announce the winner of the Black Friday Sale random draw! Using a computer generated code, the pick was completely random and did not have any human influence. 

Could we get a drumroll please...

The two winner of this year's Black Friday Lucky Draw are,

Second Runner-up, Jonathan Grinberg of Tel Aviv

Grand Prize winner, Marius Naegli of Zurich!

Jonathan & Marius just got e-mails from which gives Marius 30,000 OD Indigo Points and Jonathan 20,000 OD Indigo Points - how ridiculous is that, they are going to have a credit line with us for a while! Congrats guys, and thank you all for your support and patronage as always.

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