Colors for Days | Chup S/S 2021 Collection

March 25, 2021

Dropping just as the mercury has begun to rise here in Japan, a plethora of new styles by Chup have landed through the doors.
Included in this season's collection are fresh patterns and colorways along with a mix of long, middle, ankle and no-show styles.
With so many options, we chose a few of our favorites to introduce prior to the release of the full collection.
Soaring high above the Arizona and New Mexico plains, the Atsa (Eagle in Navajo native tongue) is a revered bird in Navajo culture and said to deliver prayers of rain-calling rituals to the heavens. 
There is a strong emphasis on geometric patterns which pays homage to the rugs and blankets which have been intricately woven by the Navajo for centuries.
Representing the Sierra region of Mexico, the patterns featured in these socks pay homage to traditional patterns of the Pueblo Native American tribe.
A neat addition is the bird pattern featured above, a welcome addition given the diverse range of bird species in the Sierra region.
"Sulata" is the Irish word for "Snowmelt".
Featuring colors to represent the coming of Spring, the bold patterns are evocative of the cold winds blowing on the grassy fields and blooming flowers in the Irish foothills.
Greetings! Labdien is the Latvian word to offer a hearty hello.
The vivid colors and vibrant patterns are evocative of the earlier spring months, ushering in a change in the color of the landscape and bringing with it new life to nature. 
The traditional Icelandic Lopapeysa sweater derives its name from the word Lopi, denoting the particular type of unspun yarn used to make the garment. The Lopi yarns are sheared from Icelandic sheep and is remarkably not spun, thus resulting in a wool fabric containing both wind hairs and fleece.
The patterns featured pay homage to an Icelandic symbol of national identity, worn proudly by generations of its inhabitants.
The Chup S/S'21 drops on 3/26 @ Midnight (JST)

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