FDMTL | The F/W 2021 Collection Drop

The Boro Boys are back. Layer in style with the latest drops from the FDMTL crew - Japanese inspired outerwear.

FDMTL "3 Year Wash" Indigo Patchwork Coverall

We're kicking things off with a piece that sums up the "mental" in FDMTL.
The story behind FDMTL's "3 Year Wash" Coveralls is one that encomposses the obssesive desire to replicate the most worn out and faded pieces in the denim world. FDMTL took a sample denim coverall that was heavily worn by one of the team members for a solid three years. 
They then tasked the factory to replicate the exact hue of Indigo through a series of distressing tactics, including stone washing and hand distressing. In true FDMTL form, the piece is completed with the additon of several fabric patches, assorted buttons and more pockets than you can shake a stick at.

FDMTL Khaki x Indigo Patchwork Coverall

Keeping things just as unconventional with their Khaki x Indigo Combination Coverall, this piece is not for the faint hearted. That is, at first glance.

Combining colors that just harmonize, the shades of olive green and indigo blue come together seamlessly to create a combination that kills.

One of those items we tend to have on deck every season from the Tokyo-based brand, throwing the military olive drab into the mix in this case help highlight the assorted indigo fabrics 

Whether you're a fan of military olive drab or indigo, this piece will allow you to explore both worlds in tandem.

FDMTL Indigo Boa Fleece Cardigan

The fuzzy factor is off the charts with this one.
Keeping the aesthetic quintessentially Japanese with the Haori style silhouette, FDMTL will help beat the cold with this outerwear piece. On the surface you already have the supremely warm Boa fleece fabric, complete with Ripstop pockets, sleeves and a front placket. This fuzzy shell is interlined with a special "Wind Reflect" fabric which features a hand-feel similar to neoprene. Not only is this highly water-resistant fabric incredibly flexible, but also layered with a special film lining to maximize insulation.

FDMTL Black Tie-Dye Haori

Subtle, with the right splash of Shibori-zome to complete the kit, FDMTL bring another banger to the party with this modern take on a classic Japanese garment.
Featuring a thicker lapel than your usual haori, the heavier fabrics allows for the piece to drape the body flawlessly, pairing perfectly with a simple white tee and jeans. 

Removing the premonition that traditional Japanese clothing can only be worn in a traditional context, FDMTL combine modern aestheitc with classic sensibilty to create a timeless piece that will serve through the seasons. 

FDMTL Big Boro Pocket Sweatshirt

In case you were stuck looking for a conversation starter, you could explain the concept of Boro with minimal words with this release.
A fabric prominently featured on previous FDMTL projects, the indigo dyed textile is distressed and processed in a way to make the fabric look and feel like a vintage Boro fabric, with the intricacy of the yarn and the way by which it is dyed on display with this latest sweat piece from the Boro Boys.

Featuring two snap buttons for the closure on the flap of the big pocket, the piece not only get asesthic points, but also doubles as a carry-all, just in case!

FDMTL Indigo Patchwork Work Shirt

One of those products that we see season after season, the FDMTL Indigo Patchwork Work Shirt gets its seasonal update for Fall 2021.
Going patchwork as the FDMTL crew often do, and array of Dobby, Sashiko, Gingham, Chambray and more fabrics make their way onto one piece with the latest from FDMTL. 

The most interesting element with these types of patchwork pieces is the fading patterns and patina. It will be enthralling to watch the way this piece evolves with heavy use, with the varying fabrics all fading in tandem.

The FDMTL F/W 2021 Collection drops on 9/3 @ Midnight (JST)