Fit Breakdown | Which Fullcount pair is best for you?

June 20, 2017

 From Left to Right we have the progression of Wide Straight to Slim Tapered
Wide Straight: 0105 (13.7oz) and 0105XX (15.5oz)
 Preferred by those looking for a classic reproduction of a Levi's 501xx 1947, the 0105 cut will provide exactly that with the proprietary ultra-soft Zimbabwe cotton fabric that is Fullcount's proprietary Selvedge.
Middle Straight: 1101 (13.7oz) and 1101XX (15.5oz)
 Slim down just a tad from the 0105 silhoute, the 1101 has a middle rise, with essentially a straight leg through to the leg opening.
Slim Straight: 1108 (13.7oz)and 1108XX (15.5oz)
The 1108 is the Fullcount standard, a cut that has been steadily leading the pack in terms of popularity since introduction in the mid-1990s.
Again, the 1108 has a middle rise, but with narrower legs and a more significant taper than the 1101, the perfect Slim Straight. 
Slim Tapered: 1110 (13.7oz) and 1110XX (15.5oz)
 If you're looking for a true slim tapered, ample room in the middle rise, comfortably sized thighs, with an aggressive taper down to the leg opening, then this is the cut for you. The silhouette is flattering, while still having enough room for your thighs and umm, family jewels, to be happy.
Slim Tapered: 1109 (13.7oz) and 1109XX (15.5oz)
The 1109 has a low rise, narrow top block, and slim knees with a taper going down to the leg opening. This one is for the skinny boys looking for a true slim pair of jeans - for you bigger boys with wider thighs and bigger butt (for lack of a better word!), you're best off sticking with the 1110 (or 1110xx) from above!

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