Foxfibre® Organic Cotton | The world's first & only millable naturally colored cotton

October 01, 2019

So what's up with Foxfibre® Colorganic® cotton?
A quick google search of "Sally Fox" will bring you up to speed on the fabric genius that was able to breed the first long fibre naturally colored cotton to develop fabrics that retained color, but remained undyed. Sally Fox didn't invent naturally colored cotton, they have existed for centuries in the wild. But what she created was groundbreaking - a long staple variety of colored cotton that could be milled into a variety of textiles, including denim. 
Sally Fox has been on a quest since the 1980s to share with the world an organic cotton that is not only sustainable, but is unique in its production & aesthetic. The naturally colored cotton is a trademark of Sally Fox's cotton farms located in California, a breeding process she developed to create her signature cotton.
Not only does Foxfibre® Colorganic® cotton do the environment justice by saving on the time and water wastage that is involved with traditional dyeing methods, the cotton itself is grown in a completely organic and biodynamic method.
In an age where fast fashion and turning a quick dollar seem to be the winning formula,  Foxfibre® Colorganic® cotton is a testament to the thoughtful and meticulous textile & garment development methods that we hoister on a pedestal here at Okayama Denim.
Below are some of the beautiful Japanese fabrics that were custom developed by SDA, using the yarns provided by Sally Fox's  Foxfibre® Colorganic® cotton. Two variants of the famed cotton have been playfully nicknamed "Roadrunner" which has a greenish hue & "Coyote", carrying a reddish brown hue.
The latest for F/W '19 includes a classic heavyweight Flannel featuring the "Coyote" yarn and rope dyed indigo yarns from Okayama. A truly global affair!

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October 11, 2023

Hello, we would also like to source this and other items Miller Denim may carry. Great article. lets link up!

David Harrell
David Harrell

April 28, 2022

I have been aware of Sally Fox since my days at Mission Valley. I’m working at Miller Denim selling white denim in slipcovers for the furniture industry, We are expanding into hemp and only natural fibers.. we do not want to dye anything .. Please let us know how we can buy the colored cotton.. we can spin, weave and finish beautiful slipcovered fabrics..

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