The latest arrivals from Samurai Jeans

Get set for summer Samurai-style with their latest Aloha shirts and graphic tees for S/S 2024.

Aloha Shirts

Starting off with a shirt commemorating the Year of the Dragon (A recurring theme in this collection), the "Dragon" Aloha shirt is made from a 100% cotton fabric and features an original vertical dragon pattern from the shoulder all the way down the waist on both sides. Look carefully and you will notice small differences between each dragon such as the swords and helmets.

The deep red "Warrior" Aloha shirt is inspired by iconic Kabuki ukiyo-e artwork. Ukiyo-e artists produced prints that celebrated famous kabuki actors, dressed in character and were typically purchased and collected during the Edo period. The shirt is also detailed with swallows, peonies and paulownia leaves.

And to round off the set, we have the "Siege of Osaka'' shirt that pays homage to the famous artwork under the same name depicting a battle between two Japanese clans in 1614. The original artwork has the same distinctive mustard yellow base color which can be seen on this shirt. All 4 shirts feature the same brushed wooden buttons.


Samurai have gone equally hard with the tees this season. All 6 on show are crafted using carefully selected high-quality raw cotton, this fabric is knitted meticulously on the "Daimaru" circular knitting machine, which has been used in Japan since the early 20th century. The fabric features a rich texture with warmth, and allows for a comfortable wearing experience.

As the name implies, the "Abacus" tee is marked with a simple abacus print on the chest. But flip the shirt over, and you can see a detailed long spear warrior design, featuring the same burgundy color found on the chest print.

Black and green tees are the base for the "Motorcycle" tee. The chest print artwork is Showa era inspired, with a cracked vintage finish. The back includes "Motorcycle club" text below the neck line. As these are all loopwheel tees, they do not have side seams making them even more comfortable to wear.

The final 3 tees follow the dragon theme. A gold dragon print graces the chest of the tee with a larger dragon and torii back print. Like the other tees here, the stitching for the binder neck is done using a special machine with a three-needle, one-drop stitch which prevents the neck binder from stretching out over time.

And finally, the 2nd of the "Dragon" tees. Available in 2 classic colorways of white and black, this tee has a very contrasting front and back. The front features a dragon head stencil design, whereas the back is covered with an intricate colorful dragon and samurai warrior print which wouldn't look out of place in a gallery.

 The new Samurai tops drop on 5/20 @ Midnight (JST)