November 30, 2020

"The jeans themselves are amazing- they're the second pair of PBJs I've owned and everything I loved about the first pair is present here and then some. The jeans dried rough and stiff after the soak, but within a few days have softened up considerably They're immensely comfortable considering the cut is a flattering slim fit throughout. Just enough room in the top block and thighs while still being trim, and the taper is elegant and avoids the 'carrot' look of so many other 'lifters cuts'. The biggest reason I wanted to write this review, however, was to give a massive shout out to the team at OD. I initially ordered a size 32 but after *many* back and forth emails, ended up getting a size 30 raw and they fit *perfectly*. The team at OD was super responsive and considerate, took measurements of a couple of pairs and looked at some measurements I sent over of other jeans to help me nail the fit. I live near SENY and BiG and OD somehow manages to capture the in-store experience online. I'll definitely be returning for the service alone!"
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The PBJ "Super Rough" Jeans

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