Pure Blue Japan | 22oz-013

February 24, 2017

There it is - the heaviest weight we've dealt with to date at OD. 
Allow us to introduce the 22oz-013's.
When comparing the denim up against previous PBJ models, the 22-013's are closest in texture and feel to the 14oz. XX-013's. Obviously much thicker and stiffer due to the heavier weight, with a deeper hue of indigo.

Ryo wear a size 29. He weighs 59kg (130 pounds) and is 178cm (5’11”) tall.

Tucked belt loops and contrast stitching as expected with all PBJ pieces.
Blue Selvedge ID as featured in most PBJ models, with chainstiched hems.
Starting with these jeans, PBJ plan to shorten the inseam length down to 90cm (35.5") for all Slim Tapered models (i.e. XX-011, 013, 014, 017, etc.)

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