Samurai's 25oz. S511XX Slim Tapereds are now live!

August 09, 2018

Featured on the flasher is Uesugi Kenshin, one of Japan's most famous daimyō's.
The Japanese character's for "Kenshin" can be seen next to a visual caricature of the famed warlord, can be seen featured on the waistband leather patch.
Electric cobalt blue stitching was used for the back pocket arcuates, inseam, buttonholes and featured on the belt loops.
The commemorative 20th Anniversary patch is seen featured on the inside of the waistband.
Gold buttons featured on the button fly spell out the bold, "Japan's Finest"!
Indigo hearringbone pocket bags are a welcome surprise.
The latest fabric development by Samurai is this epic heavyweight 25oz. Gold Lamé Selvedge.
Each pair ships with the custom commemorative pocket coin pouch.

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November 17, 2018

I need 42×34 size, maybe 40×34

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