Stay fresh this Fall - peep this fire that just dropped!

September 26, 2016

Denim on denim. On the best damn winter vest out there.

Vest: Brown's Beach Early Vest in Classic Gray

Jeans: KS-013 by PBJ

Bag: 15oz. Selvedge Tote by SDA

Our favorite winter wear purveyors just dropped a new colorway for the Early Vest this season, and damn does it look clean as hell.

Going the extra mile with the reproduction, the brand labels are all designed to mimic the original BBJ labels from over 100 years ago.

Snap buttons, although updated slightly to maximize durability and quality, aesthetically they remain unchanged from the turn of the century design.

Details, details, details. The key word with this piece, SDA's latest piece is a true testament to quality and dedication to craft. The 15oz. Selvedge Tote bag is a beautiful example of the application of Selvedge on a non-garment product.

Simple and subtle - the key to a great product. Momotaro give just a splash of their Peach Selvedge a place on the chest pocket to an otherwise monotone piece that promises to pair well with any outfit.

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