Latest from the OG's of Japanese Denim, Studio D'Artisan

November 08, 2016

Visited our friends from SDA to peep their latest designs slated for a next season drop.

Stepping the game up yet again, the SDA team turn various cotton into this bi-blended Supima x Giza cotton to create an incredibly and incomparably soft pair of Japanese denim. 

Applying the same bi-blended Selvedge to a jacket, the new Type 2's are looking clean for the Spring.

Turning into a Studio D'Artisan signature move, these jeans feature varying Selvedge denim fabrics on either leg panel to create what we've coined as the "crazy" pair.

The two different 15oz. Selvedge's are appropriated from past models, combined in one pair as an experiment to text the outcome!

Over-spec and meticulous attention to details and construction are obvious for anyone familiar with the garments of SDA - the all new Suvin Gold Loopwheel T-shirts for Spring '17 are some of the finest examples of perfectly planned Loopwheel fabric that we've seen in a minute.

Who says you can't mix in a little Selvedge with your dress up dinner? Studio D'Artisan sure as hell thinks you can, with their latest featuring their proprietary 15oz. Selvedge denim on the chest pocket of the new button up shirts.

Staying true to the ethos of finding at least one small workshop to work with each season, on the small island of Amami-Oshima near Okinawa, there is a dyeing factory that specializes in Dorozome.

Dorozome is the art of developing 100% natural and organic dyes to be used in the dyeing process of garments. In this case above, a wood chip based dye was developed to create this hue of brown for these environmentally intelligent Tees for the Spring.

Although we've seen this beaut in seasons the past, minor pattern adjustments like the torso pockets have been updated to create another great Sashiko Tailored jacket.

Indigo Sashiko Vest, one of our all around favorite fabrics, applied to one of our favorite and highly underrated garment!

The Sashiko love doesn't end their, with a proprietary fabric develop by Studio D'Artisan specifically for use this season - and damn did they get this one right!

Details simply slay, including metal buttons, a killer fit, and cross (+) style Sashiko stitch throughout that is unlike any Sashiko we have seen to date.

Kasezome (or skein-dyeing) is a process by which artisans attempt to mimic the uneven and textured look and feel of natural indigo - the process that was used to develop this classic Chambray Work Shirt.

Taking cues from the Islands, SDA draw playful inspiration from Hawaii on this latest Aloha shirt.

Textured as hell, the new Loopwheel fabric packs in a ton of character in an uneven-as-hell weave.

*Please kindly note this is a preview and were shot at a "Buyer's Only" exhibition, with most of these pieces not available until Feb-March of 2017.


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