THE drop of 2016 | Momotaro's Decade Collection kills

September 01, 2016

The is wait is over - the Momotaro 10th Anniversary Jeans have finally arrived, fresh off the production press!
The 10th Anniversary Jeans from concept to production is a meticulously well thought-out and crafted pair.
Starting with contrasting buttons that have been applied to a variety of Momotaro's jeans since their inception 10 years ago.
Custom Indigo discharge dyed cotton (custom produced for this collection) serves as the inner fabric of the back yoke. 
The updated Selvedge, Gold threading replaces the classic white to commemorate the 10th Anniversary, with this custom produced Peach/White Selvedge.
Pocket bags kill - Custom Jacquard "10th Anniversary" fabric.
Both pocket bags have a message in either language (Japanese/English) commemorating the Limited Edition collection.
Subtle details are literally littered throughout each pair.
The icing on the cake - each pair of the 10th Anniversary collection are delivered with a custom carry bag produced from the same jacquard fabric used for the pocket bags.
Another hook-up that comes with the purchase of a 10th Anniversary pair is this commemorative bandana.
We have a handful of pairs left in the three silhouettes:

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