The latest arrivals from Loop & Weft... and more!

Loop & Weft have come through strong the past two weeks with their in-line Tompkins Knit Sweatshirts, with the curveball definitely being our collaboration Bengara-dyed Hoodie. Rounding off this superb collection we have the Brown and Black color ways joining the ranks this week in four separate motifs. Also bringing the heat this Winter, we have a utilitarian addition from Samurai, dome pieces for the cheeky chappys out there by Brown's Beach and Master-piece's "beat-all-elements" keyholders.

Loop & Weft Tompkins Knit Hooded Sweatshirt ($215)

Want a sweatshirt with an inner that feels like a Lambswool sweater? Tompkins is the answer, look no further. The Tompkins Upright Rotary Knitting Machine, a rare vintage find (especially in Japan), creates a balanced fabric with its slow and steady pace. This produces a fabric that is similar in texture and weight to sweat jersey knit in the late 1800s.
Featuring ribbed construction on the kangaroo pocket, 2 needle flat seam sewing construction & the quintessential vintage hoodie detail, the post attached hood. A detail born out of necessity, athletes & laborers alike wanted protection from the elements, and Champion stitched on hoods to their classic crewneck sweatshirts starting in the late 30s.
Available in Brown and Black

Loop & Weft Tompkins Knit Crewneck Sweatshirt ($185)

While simple in appearance, the construction of this piece is second to none. The attachment of the binder neck in particular requires the meticulous care and skill of a sewing artisan, along with the vintage-inspried ribbed cuffs and hem.
While most sweatshirts are produced using a thicker thread (30-ban in Japanese), the production of these Tompkins sweatshirts use a thinner 40-ban yarn to create a fabric that gives any Loopwheel sweatshirt out on the market a serious run for its money. This also helps to ensure the perfect balance between stretch and retention of the fabric over a long period of wear.

Loop & Weft Tompkins Knit V-Gusset Crewneck Sweatshirt ($195)

Also available with a classic V-Gusset on the front, below the neckline. While mostly phased out by brands that produce sweatshirts due to the confusion caused about its true intent, historically the V-Gusset was added to serve two functions.
Along with the binder neck, the gusset adds an extra layer of reinforcement at the neckline to ensure longevity as the wearer's head is pulled in and out of the garment. Secondly, the gusset helps to absorb sweat. If you've ever done a workout wearing a sweatshirt you will know that sweat tends to build up a lot around the upper-chest area. Thus, the placement of the gusset is perfect to provide a small layer of sweat absorption.
Available in Brown and Black

Loop & Weft Tompkins Knit Mock Neck Sweatshirt ($190)

In a similar fashion to the binder neck construction featured at the neckline of this sweatshirt, the cuffs and hem are woven at the perfect tension to give a form-fitting factor in these areas without feeling restrictive.

Samurai Jeans 15oz. Heavyweight Selvedge Duck Work Pants ($265)

Samurai put function on a pedestal with this thoroughly utilitarian pair of work pants. Reinforced with chainstitching construction, this 15oz. Selvedge Duck fabric is equal parts tough-as-nails and aesthetically pleasing with the copper hue of brown featured throughout.
Relaxed in all areas of the cut and featuring a tool pocket and hammer loop in the legs, Samurai have you covered for those spontaneous DIY projects around the house.

Brown's Beach Hunting Casquettes ($145)

Tommy Shelby would definitely take to these Hunting Casquettes by Brown's Beach. Featuring the iconic salt-and-pepper aesthetic Beach Cloth fabric we have come to love, Brown's Beach turned to Tokyo hatmakers H.W Dog & Co for the construction of these hats.
Nailing the Peaky Blinderslook to a T, the 6-panel construction and structured brim have been stitched to perfection. Pair this with a waistcoat and all you'll be all-set to take over the streets of Birmingham with impunity.
Available in Navy and Black

Master-piece "Gloss" Leather Keyholders ($55)

Leave it to Master-piece to conjure up a leather keyholder that will easily stand the test of time. Made from high-quality Japanese cowhide, the surface of the leather is dyed and pigmented to give a natural color and sheen prior to the waterproofing process. 
3M's SCOTCHGARD® waterproofing agent is considered one of the best on the market, with the brand confident enough to put their product's reputation on the line. As such, 3M have conducted extensive tests on the coated leather to ensure it is water, dirt and oil resistant.
Available in Black, Camel, Chocolate and Navy

The new items drop on 11/12 @ Midnight (JST)