The latest arrivals from Studio D'Artisan

As we come to the end of February, a fresh set of arrivals from Osaka OG's Studio D'Artisan get us into full gear as Spring's sunny rays just begin to kick into action. This week's collection is a fully tops-focused set of releases, meticulously crafted over the past year.
Studio D'Artisan "Aishibuzome" Selvedge Jacket

Unlike regular indigo dyeing, “Aishibuzome" exhibits a profound and evolving color palette. With each wear, the rich tones of persimmon tannin deepen, creating a unique patina. This phenomenon is attributed to the tannin's property of polymerization over time. Notably, persimmon tannin is renowned for its potent antibacterial qualities and deodorizing effects, making it a substance rooted in tradition and functionality. Additionally, “Aishibuzome" embodies not just a color but a profound narrative. Studio D'Artisan, with its commitment to heritage and craftsmanship, presents the new 15oz. Type II Jacket as a canvas that evolves with the wearer, telling a timeless story of tradition, craftsmanship, and the eternal beauty found in the simplicity of nature.

Studio D'Artisan "Recycled Cotton" Jacket

a remarkable step towards sustainability in denim fashion, Studio D'Artisan introduces a game-changer with their "Recycled Cotton" Jacket. Turning cotton slubs, once considered waste, into usable yarn, they have woven an eco-friendly denim with a unique texture. The irregularities in the fabric offer a vintage charm, making each jacket one-of-a-kind.

Studio D'Artisan 45th Anniversary "Ishikawadai" Selvedge Work Shirt

Travel back to 1953 with Studio D'Artisan's "Ishikawadai" Selvedge Work Shirt, crafted using a vintage Japanese ring spinning machine. Operating at a slower pace, this machine preserves the cotton's natural texture, giving the fabric an authentic, uneven look reminiscent of hand-spun cotton. Indigo-dyed warp threads and low-tech production techniques pay homage to denim craftsmanship of the past, ensuring each shirt tells a unique story with every wear.

Studio D'Artisan "Kurozome" Selvedge Sashiko Vest

Delve into history with Studio D'Artisan's "Kurozome" Selvedge Sashiko Vest, featuring Kyoto Montsuki Black dyeing dating back to the Heian period. Craftsmen hand-dye each garment, layering colors to achieve the deepest hue of black. The proprietary Sashiko weave adds texture and comfort, making this vest a testament to expert craftsmanship and timeless style.

Studio D'Artisan Indigo Dyed Tees

Rounding up this week's arrivals is the return of SDA's Indigo Dyed Tees. Opting for U.S. cotton during production, the T-shirt is durable as hell and heavyweight, a result of using short-staple cotton from the United States. Each tee then undergoes a garment dye process, locking in the indigo in order to create the perfect canvas for fading.

The new Studio D'Artisan items drop on 2/28 @ Midnight (JST)