We're updating our Loyalty Program

Important notice about the expiration of current loyalty discount codes
If you’ve ever shopped here at OD.com or even spent enough time gandering, you know we rock the best damn rewards program in the game!
It’s always been crystal clear and simple - cop anything on the site and get 10% of your order value back in points! The points can be converted into cash discounts immediately which can then be used towards future purchases!
As we continue to improve the site to enhance the experience for all of you, we will be upgrading our OD Indigo Points loyalty program next month to include more options and tiers for all of our returning clients. As the current program will phase out just before the new loyalty program takes its place, rest assured that any and all Indigo points which have been accrued in your account up to this point will migrate to your new account.
Unfortunately, any points which have already been exchanged for a loyalty discount code will expire on September 14th, 2022. We kindly urge any client who currently possesses a discount code which was created by the current loyalty system (i.e. the code will look like this SLL5JCDY7TDA) to please use your code by September 14th, 2022 (Midnight JST). Any discount code which was redeemed via the current loyalty program will no longer be applicable on the site after September 14th, 2022.
We do understand the inconvenience this may cause to some of you, but believe the development and integration of our latest loyalty program will be more beneficial and streamlined than our current dated system. We deeply appreciate your patience and understanding with this matter.
Continue below for a sneak preview on what to expect with our new loyalty program.
For six years and counting now, we’ve offered you guys a reward program that is equal parts generous and flexible, giving back 10% of any purchase in points to use toward future purchases! The good news is that isn’t going to change! You will still be able to accrue points at the same capacity, and use said points towards purchases on the site. Other changes and improvements to the current system have been developed for our new loyalty program, and we would like to share those with you today before the roll out coming up in under two weeks. The new loyalty program will begin on September 17th (Midnight, JST)!


*You will now be eligible to receive 500 bonus points on your birthday, as long as you sign up for the campaign on the site!

*There will now be three tiers of our loyalty program; Indigo, Double Indigo & Natural Indigo. Graduating to the next tier requires a certain amount of annual spend, but comes with special benefits!

*Our points redemption program will allow you to exchange points for exclusive products!

*Once a month “Member’s Day” allows for double or triple points (depending on your tier)!


*Previously points did not expire ever - our new system will allow you to retain points for 365 days (1 year) before they expire.

*Your new points will be referred to as “Indigo Seeds”.

*The UI experience for you all will look different, including the placement of the loyalty widget, and the overall aesthetic of the loyalty program.