Well Worn Pair | Isaac's Big John R009

July 04, 2019

Isaac from Singapore knows a thing or two about putting in that work.
After several years serving in the SG Armed Forces, Isaac got into Japanese denim and one of his first pairs is his beloved pair of Big John RARE R009 Jeans.
In Isaac's words,
So I bought those on Sept 15 and by the time I got that kind of fades was roughly Dec 16 of the following year.
So I would say 1year 3months of wearing it almost everyday (sometimes even to sleep).
I can't exactly remember if I washed it once or twice but I know I washed it once at the 8th month mark and probably once more at the 1year 2month mark.
I have had repairs on the crotch areas twice. 
* * *
Many thanks to Isaac S. from Singapore for allowing us to share these amazing fades of his Big John R009 Rare Slim Jeans!

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