Pure Blue Japan Restock | The Cobalt Face XX-017 & XX-018

December 01, 2016

One of those highly sought after fabrics that never seems to stay in stock, the Cobalt Face fabric just made a reappearance.
Complete with cobalt tonal stitching, black pocket bags, and a hue of blue that is simply incomparable.
While it may seem vibrant in photographs or certain analges, the Cobalt's are totally understated in their shade of blue.
One of our house favorites, and just generally pumped to have these back around, got both the Slim Tapered XX-017 and the Slim Straight XX-018 in all sizes!
Available online today:

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Francis Wong
Francis Wong

August 24, 2022

plse advise if PBJ cobalt weft size 34 is every back in stock. Either model. thx

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