Liberato Tatami Insoles

  • Recycled Japanese Igusa Tatami sole
  • 100% cotton taping
  • Felt lining

While paying homage to the rich history of tatami mats in traditional Japanese homes, the novel idea of these insoles also offers a profusion of benefits. They are hygroscopic; meaning that they absorb the moisture in the air, which results in a less stuffy shoe, particularly when sock-less. They have antibacterial properties, preventing both bacteria and odor. They retain heat to insulate the wearer's feet, and finally, the elasticity of the tatami makes for a revitalizing walk.

Despite the natural properties of Igusa, the plant from which tatami is derived, the proliferation of modern technologies has led to a steady decline of the tatami industry over the past few decades in Japan. The trend towards quicker, cheaper, and ultimately more harmful means of production is something that Liberato has taken a firm stand against. Liberato repurposes the tatami material into unique and beautiful insoles, which are environmentally friendly while supporting the hardworking farmers and Shokunin (artisans) of the Igusa industry.

We advise choosing one size down from your typical shoe size.

Made in Nara, Japan