Master-piece "Nostalgia" Shoulder Bag (Black B)

02723 (010B)

  • Original Farillo® 1260d nylon fabric body
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Main compartment featuring smartphone sleeve
  • Leather brand tab
  • Leather-backed metal eyelet

The main body fabric of this shoulder bag is woven using 1260d threads that have been heavily twisted vertically and horizontally. This "Farillo®" fabric, is a hollow nylon material with a unique glossy appearance and texture due to its unique structure. Despite being 20% lighter than similar 1260d fabrics, it maintains thickness and provides a moderate level of stiffness and resilience. The fabric has also been treated with a water-repellent agent for added functionality.

The bottom of the bag is constructed using a 3-layer fabric made with Cordura's "Ballistic" fabric and "Hollofil Air", a hollow yarn made of 66 nylon. The accompanying suede material is made from thick North American leather, tanned with chrome and meticulously buffed with sandpaper to achieve a finely brushed texture. The suede is dyed in two stages, incorporating a waterproofing agent during the dyeing process to enhance its waterproof properties. 

*Dimensions: Width - 15cm (5.9"), Height - 16cm (6.2"), Gusset Length - 5cm (1.9")

**Weight: 300g (10.5oz.)

Made in Osaka, Japan