Okayama Denim

OD+Chup Socks Seafarer


  • Limited production of 120 pieces
  • 43% Cotton / 43% Acrylic / 13% Nylon / 1% Polyurethane
  • 3/4 Length Socks
  • Heavyweight Socks
  • Handlinked toe box on a circular knitting machine

Without further adieu, we are beyond proud to finally introduce our inaugural collaboration pair with CHUP socks. The color scheme and theme of the collaboration were developed to highlight the marriage of ocean & land, under the lens of a classic Fair Isle design motif. Hues of beige represent sand (or land), while the lighter blue hues represent the element of water. The earthy orange tones further push the land agenda of the motif, while we were steadfast in the use of Red within the color scheme as a nod to both the Hinomaru (rising sun) in the Japanese flag, as well as half the color scheme of our OD logo.

For the packaging, cue none other than our favorite freehand designer out there, Nathan Spoor. We've been working with Nathan for years now, and developing fresh ideas and designs with Nathan is now an integral part of the Okayama Denim collaboration design process. As the pedigree of CHUP socks lies in saluting native cultures & themes from around the world, we wanted to implement the use of a Native American feather and beads in the collaborative logo. With the the Red, Blue & White from our logo respectively represented on the beads that spell out the "Okayama Denim Collaboration", the CHUP logo is left unchanged and takes center stage within the design.

*Only available in an updated Medium, ideal for 25.5-29cm (US7.5-11)

Made in Nara, Japan