Okayama Denim

OD+MJ 15.7oz. "Momozome" Selvedge Jacket


+Due to the very limited production capability of this specific Selvedge, discount codes cannot be applied to this product.
  • An OD+MJ Limited Edition Collaboration
  • 15.7oz. Sanforized OD+MJ Proprietary "Momozome" (もも染め) Selvedge denim
  • 100% Zimbabwe Cotton
  • Indigo dyed warp x Peach tree dyed weft
  • Rope dyed warp x Skein (Kasezome) dyed weft
  • 5 buttons on the front opening featuring Original black coated Momotaro buttons
  • Pink Momotaro Selvedge ID
  • Copper Male rivets
  • Copper Female Rivets with Momotaro Peach branding
  • Natural Cowhide leather patch featuring original "Momozome" artwork by Nathan Spoor
  • Indigo Murazome (むら染め) jacquard fabric hand-warmer pocket bags
  • Chest pocket flaps featuring Indigo dyed 5.5oz. dobby fabric lining
  • Chest pockets featuring custom red and white stitching
  • Custom Midnight Blue button holes and pleat stitching
  • Momotaro Original Rayon tag featured on left chest pocket
  • Custom "Going to Battle" blue painted stripes with OD+MJ logo featured on the left arm
  • Cuffs featuring Selvedge ID
  • Adjustable waist buttons

Our latest venture with the Peach Boys had us embark on a year-long journey to develop a proprietary fabric that was true to the Okayama-based brand's DNA. Delving deep into Japan's rich culture of using naturally derived dyes, we jumped on the opportunity to develop a 15.7oz. denim featuring a Peach Tree dyed weft. Alongside Japan's Hanami season when Cherry blossoms reach full bloom, Peach & Plum trees also reach full bloom during this same time period. We are delighted to introduce a limited production run of this fabric featured in this modified Type II silhouette jacket. 

One of those ideas that the yarn dyeing factory first rolled their eyes at, this is legitimately the first time the weft of a denim selvedge twill has been naturally dyed in the bark of a peach tree, to achieve the subtle hue of peach we achieved with the process. Celebrating the brand name and ethos of Momotaro, we were frankly surprised that this idea hadn't already come to life, given the 15+ year history of the brand. The 100% naturally occurring dye (no color pigment was added) could not be rope dyed due to hue penetration problems, thus the weft is entirely dyed by hand, in Kasezome(Skein dyed) fashion.

As with all of our collaboration projects, the details are where we were able to approach the design with our OD+ flair. For the pocket bags, we dive into Japanese history to celebrate a form of Shibori. Shibori is a non-mechanized resist-dyeing technique using indigo dye. Patterns, similar to modern western tie-dye, are achieved by binding the fabric and submerging it in an indigo dye bath. We opted to use Momotaro's Peach branded jacquard pocket bags with an added twist of traditional Japanese dyeing techniques. Murazome (a type of Shibori dye) refers to the traditional tie-dyeing method. It reached peak popularity during the Edo period (17th to 19th Century), when the ruling class forbade the working class from wearing Silk garments, leading to this culture of intricately dyed cotton Shibori garments across Japan. The pocket bags this time around were dyed entirely by hand.

A familiar touch with our most comprehensive collaborations, but one that we could not leave out was the impeccable penmanship by Nathan Spoor. Allowing Nathan to let loose his artistic touch, the Natural Cowhide leather patch is branded with his freehand work, encompassing all elements of the "Momozome" project. Another element where we were able to highlight Nathan's artwork was the subtle Peach OD branding featured on the Blue "Going to Battle" painted stripes. For the chest pockets, we decided on lining them with a 5oz. Indigo-dyed dobby fabric, with the upper stitching featuring our signature OD Red and White colors. Momotaro's classic rayon tag also makes an appearance, which we opted to custom arrange to be stitched at the bottom of the left chest pocket. 

*Model is pictured wearing a size 38. He weighs 75kg (165 pounds) and is 175cm (5'10") tall.

Size - CM Chest Shoulder Centre Back Sleeve
38 106 49.5 68.5 65.5
40 110 51.5 70 67
42 116 53.5 73 69.5
44 122 55.5 74 71.5
46 127 58.5 74 71.5
Size - Inches Chest Shoulder Centre Back Sleeve
38 41.7 19.5 27 25.8
40 43.3 20.3 27.6 26.4
42 45.7 21.1 28.7 27.4
44 48 21.9 29.1 28.1
46 50 23 29.1 28.1
Made in Okayama, Japan