Studio D'Artisan

Studio D'Artisan SP-100A 45th Anniversary "Hinode" Leather Belt

  • 4.5mm thick Premium cowhide leather
  • Akane (madder red) dyed
  • Steel buckle
  • Steel hardware
  • Debossed Studio D'Artisan logo and pig motif
  • Five pin holes - 1cm (0.4in) between each hole
  • 3.8cm (1.5 in) belt width

Kakishibu has a deep-rooted history in Japanese craft culture & tradition, dating back to the early 13th century when it was first introduced to Japan from China. Annually in late August, unripe persimmon is harvested as their tannin or juice is extracted. Used as a multi-solution tool, Kakishibu was used to cure hangovers, for wood lacquering and even as a clearing agent for sake, to name only a few of the varied applications of the historic dye. 

Size 30 is ideal up to Waist size 28
Size 32 is ideal for Waist size 30
Size 34 is ideal for Waist size 32
Size 36 is ideal for Waist size 34
Size 38 is ideal for Waist size 36

Made in Okayama, Japan