Samurai Jeans

Samurai Jeans SJST23-107 Loopwheel Logo Print Tee (Orange Red)


  • Samurai Jeans Original Aged Cotton loopwheel fabric
  • 100% Cotton
  • One wash
  • Samurai Original four-color resolution screen printed pocket motif
  • Ribbed collar
  • Slim fit silhouette
  • Also available in Sumi Black

The fabric for this t-shirt is produced from cotton that is compressed and transported in bales, before slowly being aged for 30 to 50 days in a temperature and humidity-controlled room to restore its original fluffy cotton fibers.

Special yarns spun from this cotton are knitted on a hanging knitting machine in Wakayama, Japan. It is said that only one meter of yarn can be knitted per hour on these machines, which is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.

Although producing this fabric is inefficient and only yields limited quantities, the result is a soft and moist feel, thicker than jersey, and less stretchy hang-knit fabric. The silhouette is also taken into consideration, and although the fabric is knitted on a hanging knitting machine, the t-shirt itself features side seams.

The original faded pocket print featured on this tee is created by using a four-color (or CMYK) screen printing process. The level of detail is achieved by separating the image into four ink colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), and separate screens are prepared for each. The colors are printed one by one onto the tee using a screen printing press, blending and overlapping to faithfully recreate the original image.

*Model is pictured wearing a size L. He weighs 60kg (133 pounds) and is 177cm (5’8”) tall.

Size - CM Chest Shoulder Centre Back Sleeve Armhole
L 98 43 66.5 18.5 15.5
XL 101 45 67.5 20.5 16
XXL 106 47 68.5 21.5 16.5
Size - Inches Chest Shoulder Centre Back Sleeve Armhole
L 38.6 16.9 26.2 7.3 6.1
XL 39.8 17.7 26.6 8.1 6.3
XXL 41.7 18.5 27 8.5 6.5
Made in Okayama, Japan