Tabito "Rebirth" Sneakers (Black)



  • Recycled Airbag fabric upper
  • Rubber x EVA tabi sole

Founded in 2019, Tabito is a young brand still finding its feet in the wider world of sneaker fashion. Standing out in a saturated market is no easy task, but the ambitious folks at Tabito have already made inroads to design, and create a range of products that bridge the gap between unique aesthetics and construction.

The foundations for the brand lie in their Okayama-based factory, that have been producing high-quality sneakers for athletes since the early 1960s. In the lead-up to the brand's inception, Tabito's lead designer, Teruyoshi Ochi spend months training at the factory in order to gain first-hand experience with the various unique construction elements of the sneakers he had dreamt up.

The low-cut "Rebirth" sneakers are Tabito's latest addition to their lineup, which showcases their knack for reusing waste products in a tasteful manner. The textured upper fabric panels of the sneakers are created from recycled airbags, sourced directly from car scrap yards in Japan. Washed and dyed at their factory, the fabric offers a beautiful texture while remaining breathable and durable. Each panel must be hand cut and stitched by the skilled factory workers, further reducing waste and guaranteeing a robust upper. 

 *We recommend choosing your normal sneaker size, or sizing up to your closest half size.

Made in Okayama, Japan