Restock | Pure Blue Japan's 6066 Deep Indigo Selvedge Jacket

November 22, 2016

One of those restocks that everyone seems to be asking about for months now just found it's way back to our inventory. A piece that speaks for itself, simply using the word 'textured' does not do this jacket justice. The Deep Indigo Selvedge Jacket comes in at a comfortable 13oz. weight, heavy enough to wear as a jacket, but not overbearing in weight or coarseness of the fabric. Unsanforized and one washed, these are ready to wear and tear from the get go.
There is the uniqueness and novelty of wearing a denim garment that is this deep of a hue of indigo, but the real satisfaction comes with breaking in deep indigo fabrics. What the Japanese call "Atari", or patina, is generally intense and visually appealing on Deep Indigo garments.
Probably the biggest news for Tops coming out of the PBJ camp is the addition of the newly developed size 6! Now the big boys can have their go at the coveted leaf logo! While this jacket fits larger than your average Japanese brand, a size 4 is still about a 42 when comparing to other Japanese brands, and a size 5 is similar to a 44 is other brands (relatively, a Size 6 is about 46 or so).

The 13oz. Deep Indigo Selvedge Denim used on this piece is a proprietary fabric by PBJ developed for exclusive use on these jackets.

Oiled Deerskin Leather Patch.

The signature Indigo leaf logo.

Color coordinated chainstitching to match the deep indigo fabric.

Available online today ($250)

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