Got Purps? | The PBJ Purple Face XX-010 & XX-014

November 22, 2016

Okayama Denim has been an established retailer of premium Japanese Selvedge denim for over five years, and had a working relationship with PBJ the brand for even longer than that. We have seen a lot of styles and fabrics come through over the years. Some we love. Others we think may have gone a bit overboard. But when Pure Blue Japan introduced the Purple Face fabric for the first time, we were simply in awe.
All the suave of the superior PBJ denim is retained, with it's irregular perfection, meticulous construction, and matching tonal chainstitching, just to name a few of the goose bump inciting aspects that make PBJ jeans so much better. 
The XX-010 (Slim Straight) and XX-014 (Slim Tapered) is once again available in limited numbers due to supply production limitations.

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