Introducing Master-piece | Japanese luggage elevated

July 27, 2021

Backpacks for big boys, we're stoked to bring a brand that has been a big part of our lives on a personal level for so many years. I think the first Master-piece I ever got was on my way to university back in 2003.
Holding a place on the shoulders of countless Japanese men, women & children across the country since their inception in 1994, the brand manages to blend technical advancements with incredible design details amongst its product line season after season.
With enough bells and whistles to make a grown man giddy, Master-piece come through with the premium hardware across the board.
Expect to find the Master-piece tag branding both on the outside and inside of the piece.
Cross body bags cut from the same MSPC proprietary developed GRS (or Global Recyed Standard) high density nylon, a fabric developed by the brand specifically for use in the current Fall/Winter collection of 2021.
With a outer pocket featuring dual snap buttons, water resistant material from the high-density nylon, and a water resistant zipper tape used for the closure, the elements of functions are covered to keep your things dry and seperate.
Perfect for a daily rocker, it serves its purpose best during the hotter months when those jeans and tee outfits limit that pocket storage space.
Always searching and applying insane materials to the production process, MSPC employ the use of a premium Italian Cowhide sourced from the Monfrini Pellami Tannery. 
Chrome tanned using a combination of pigments & transparent dyes, the leather is dyed in full-grain state in a roller-coating finishing machine to achieve the luster seen on the face of the leather.
The "Confi" bags come complete with an embossed leather branded tag cut from the same Monfrini Pellami Italian Cowhide.
Feather a heavy duty cobra buckle, the solid metal fasteners features a quick release metal buckle for seamless access to the bag.
Meant to be worn as a cross body, the subtle aesthetics of the bag make it perfect as a unisex piece.
Whether you're already gearing up for the next outdoor festival, or just want something simple & stylish to rock the basic necessities, this MSPC neck pouch hits all the points. 
Crafted from a veg tanned Cowhide pebble grain leather, the Italian leather sourced for use in the produced of these pieces hail from the famed La Bretagna factory in Italy.
Complete with a bendable metal opening, the closure is easy to access while guaranteeing the security of your belonging.
Easily able to fit a phone, a couple cards and some cash, the neck pouch is the go-to for an easy way to step out of the house.
 The necklace element of these pouches are also cut from the same Italian La Bretagna cowhide, and are adjustable on both sides.
The Master-piece launch collection drops on 7/28 @ Midnight (JST)

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