PBJ's Natural Indigo | The Holy Grail Selvedge

May 19, 2016

PBJ are known to keep pushing - both the boundaries to fabrics we've never seen, and in terms of their work ethic. We often joke, "Do these guys ever sleep!?". Part of this humor comes the fact that they are a team of four full-timer's. That's right, four people. Just consider the volume of their business, the fact that there are rarely any product issues or B-grades emerging from their production, all while constantly innovating fresh new fabrics.

Today we proudly present the latest by the respected Indigo purveyors, the AI-13-TSM, using the coveted 13oz. Natural Indigo Selvedge (dyed in Tokushima, spun in Okayama) seen previously on the Natural Indigo Jacket that launched earlier this year.

This is by far one of our favorite fabrics to date. And put into use on a pair of Jeans for the first time. In our favorite Slim Tapered cut!? You're damn right we were excited with this drop!

The weight is ideal, not too heavy that you would have to avoid during the warmer months ahead. But where it cuts in Oz. Weight, it shines in character. Heavy on the nep, this fabric promises to create that appealing "popcorn" effect of atari (wear) over time. 

Available online today ($355)

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