Studio D'Artisan Indigo Dyed Loopwheel Polo Shirt

May 23, 2016

No, it isn't a tongue twister. Even though it feels like it. But it literally takes as many words as we have listed in the title, to explain what this product actually is.

As you can tell, we love nerding out over crazy pieces like this that look simple as hell to the untrained eye.

So let's break it down real quick:

  • It starts with the insane fabric. We are talking production limited to a mere 10m a day off a single French Circular Knit (the machine that outputs Loopwheel fabric)
  • The reason this fabric takes even longer than a regular Cotton Jersey Loopwheel cotton is because this is Cotton Pique, a much denser knit that both looks and feels thicker
  • The denser knit obviously doesn't help with the garment dyeing Indigo, making it more difficult to actually dye the cotton as it is a thicker weave requiring more dips for a longer duration in the indigo

Available online today ($145)

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