Mag Tradeshow in Tokyo Recap

March 16, 2015

Last week was buzzing in the denim and workwear scene with trade shows and brand showcases throughout the city. Tokyo was kicking with both buyers placing order for the Fall/Winter, and brand directors working on moving their product. One of the shows we always stop by whenever in town is the Mag show, obviously because it is a great show, but most importantly because our friends from the Japan Blue Group and normally showing at this show.

One of the most exciting developments for Japan Blue Jeans is the release of a new cut - the JB0601. This new item will be launching in May '15, and was developed after hearing customer feedback - compared to the JB0412, the front rise was lengthened, the thigh width was increased by several centimeters, and a more drastic taper was applied to the hem, creating a highly aesthetically pleasing silhouette, while still being comfortable. So many times we have had people request a "lifter's cut". One that gave way for bigger thighs, and larger glutes, but did not sacrifice on the narrow hem. The JB0601 is the result of applying that customer feedback, and we are convinced the new fit will flatter.

The 14.8oz. U.S. Cotton fabric common to the JB0401 that has become a staple in the Japan Blue line up, is applied to the new JB0601 cut

A brand new fabric will be introduced to the Japan Blue range this summer, in the form of this Deep Indigo Selvedge denim in the new JB0601 cut

The Japan Blue crew are known to get crazy with their sampling, and this buffalo check fleece fabric pants is no exception. What we are real excited for though is the classic woodland camo fabric Slim Tapered pants pictured on the right.

The Japan Blue Group are expanding as we speak, and beyond the well known brands like Momotaro and Japan Blue Jeans, they own a handful of other brands. They include Seeto, Blued Garments, Bluxe, and pictured below, Soulive. Soulive delves into more meticulous detail and finishing in their garments

The Soulive Indigo Dyed Satin MA-1 Flight Jacket is truly gorgeous to any dedicated denim head

The details are on point

The patchwork down filled Western shirt was one of the most captivating pieces we saw all day

Details like these velvet Star shaped elbow patches are defining points of character

Perfectly simple pearl shell snap buttons on this distressed denim shirt by Soulive

The details on Soulive's Mountain Shell Jacket takes cues from it's denim origins - Wabash fabric is featured on the inner of the zipper fly, and ultra thick natural cowhide detail points on the indigo dyed drawstrings

Perfect to some, blasphemy for others, but creative nonetheless - Soulive only uses Selvedge fabric for the front panel of the leg, thus featuring a cuff that is half selvedge detail with the other half conventional wide denim fabric

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