Japanese Hoods : Otaru, Hokkaido

March 19, 2015

Otaru is not just another snow dumped ski town in Hokkaido. Well, actually it is, but what is special about Otaru is that it is the area of Hokkaido that receives the most snowfall on average every year. Hokkaido is renown for some of the best pow in the world, attracting power-hounds from all over, but thankfully Otaru and it's most famous resort, Kiroro, do not attract the hoards of folks like the more popular, Niseko resort.

Kiroro Mountain Resort

Otaru is a seaside town, renown for stellar sushi and great beer

Otaru Beer Brewery

Solid selection of everything from Weizen to Imperial Stout

Some of that ridic sushi we were talking about, Uni don for days

Two days of nonstop flurries

Shredin' those tree lines

That Japow!

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