The Indigo Sashiko Shirt : Our collaboration with Momotaro Jeans

September 18, 2015

This was probably one of our favorites so far this year. Starting from design of the silhouette to selection of the red threading for the buttons, we styled this piece exactly how we would want a perfect shirt to fit and feel. And the result is exactly what we were looking for. Thankfully you guys agreed, since we pretty much sold out of all sizes almost immediately upon the release of the first production lot in June.

While we normally do not believe in second production lots for collaboration garments we produce with the different brands we work with in Okayama, we just kept getting requests for this shirt. So in order to satisfy the demand and allow people who missed out on the first lot, we have decided to release this second production. 

The production lot is very small, with only 27 pieces produced with the remaining fabric we had of this Indigo Sashiko. That brings the total tally of this garment to 55 pieces produced total over the two production lots. Hop on these soon if interested, as they are likely to sell out quickly!

Available online today

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